BMC Launches E-Waste Awareness Programme | Samaja Live English

Bhubaneswar: The e-Waste Awareness Program for Bulk Consumers envisaged under the Clean e-Bhubaneswar Project was launched today at the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) premises. BMC office was the first Government office in the city to undergo such an awareness campaign as the project has already started educating school students on the importance of e-waste and how we should contribute towards its scientific and systematic management. Senior BMC officials were present at the event. Along with the awareness program, the event also marked the commencement of an e-waste collection drive at the BMC premises, and as an initiation of the processes for inventorization and channelization of e-waste generated at BMC.

The Clean e-Bhubaneswar Project, under the ‘IFC-EU Eco-Cities’ program, aims to ensure that the city’s e-waste is collected and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. BMC plays a significant role in the collaborative model of the project that is bringing together government, private sector and academia to deliberate on e-waste management solutions for Bhubaneswar.

Through this event, BMC looks to inspire other institutions and bulk consumers to come forward and take part in the Clean e-Bhubaneswar Project. The awareness event was organised by the BMC and project implementation partners Sofies Sustainability Leaders Pvt

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