The Clean E-Bhubaneswar Project was launched at a workshop titled ‘Magic of Electronics’ held at the DAV Public School, Kalinga Nagar, here on Friday.

Over 300 students belonging to Class VII and VIII participated in the event.

The programme also marked the commencement of the e-waste collection drive to be carried out at all participating schools and colleges across the city.

Among the participating schools and colleges, a competition named “E-waste Collection Challenge” will be held soon and the winner would be awarded later.

“It is very important that we recycle our e-waste responsibly and send it through the recycling systems instead of giving it to informal sector, and this awareness program has helped in seeing e-waste as resources and not as mere waste,’’ said Yash, a student.”

School Principal Bipin Kumar Sahoo said, “The future of this earth lies in the hands of next generation. We have to make aware and inspire the young students to take up the new challenge.’’

The Clean E-Bhubaneswar Project under the 'IFC-EU Eco-Cities’ Programme, aims to ensure that the city’s e-waste is collected and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.


Source: Daily Pioneer




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