Workshop on e-waste

The School Awareness Programme under the Clean E-Bhubaneswar Project was launched in the city on Friday. The Clean E-Bhubaneswar Project aims to ensure that the city's e-waste is collected and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. To achieve this, the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank has launched the awareness drive.

As part of the awareness drive, a workshop called "Magic of Electronics" was held at DAV Public School, Kalinga Nagar. More than 300 students of classes VII and VIII took part in the event.

The workshop has been designed to motivate students to become advocates for proper e-waste handling and to motivate collection of e-waste in their communities through an e-waste collection drive and the competitive inter-school e-waste collection challenge. Dedicated e-waste collection bins will be placed at each participating school and college for the duration of two weeks.

The winners of the e-waste collection challenge will be declared in September.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has invited schools and colleges to join this initiative and take part in the awareness programme. Schools and colleges can visit the Clean E-Bhubaneswar initiative website or call 1800-120-2723 for further information.

The workshop evoked an encouraging response from the students. Yash, a student, said: "This programme has helped me in seeing e-waste as a resource and not as waste.''

Principal of DAV Public School, Kalinga Nagar, Bipin Kumar Sahoo said: "The future of this earth lies in the hands of the next generation. We have to make the young students aware and inspire them to take up the new challenge.''

Source: The Telegraph

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