Bulk Consumer Workshop


Bhubaneswar, January 12, 2018 – International Finance Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank Group,
organised the first stakeholder workshop today for the Clean e-Bhubaneswar Project, bringing together
government, private sector and the academia to deliberate on strategic solutions for making Bhubaneswar e-
waste free.

The workshop was organized to launch city-wide collection and awareness campaigns under the Clean e-
Bhubaneswar Project. The program will partner with Public and Private entities in Bhubaneswar to support
their efforts for meeting their E-Waste management responsibilities. The workshop highlighted the hazards of
e-waste, methods of proper recycling, and opportunities in terms of resource extraction, and the pressing
need for appropriate e-waste management and potential options that may be implemented.
Dr. D.K. Behera, Senior Environmental Scientist, Orissa State Pollution Control Board gave the audience an
insightful presentation and explanation of the E-waste Management Rules, 2016. Additionally, roles and
responsibilities of different stakeholders, especially, in the context of the Rules were discussed. The workshop
also hosted discussions on compliance processes for bulk consumers, integration of the large body of informal
sector workers, who currently work in very difficult conditions, into the formal sector and business
opportunities arising out of this. There was an exchange of ideas for increasing awareness and collection and
synergies with existing initiatives and projects.

“The Clean e-Bhubaneswar project is a unique opportunity that galvanizes support from the city and state
government bodies, and proves a working model for e-waste management in cities. The momentum created
by the recently launched E-Waste Management Rules, 2016 has given us a strategic window of opportunity to
lay the foundations for a long-term solution for responsible e-waste management in Bhubaneswar,” said
Ronojoy Sircar, IFC

The workshop spread awareness on the official Clean E-Bhubaneswar project website and toll-free number.
Companies and residents can visit the Clean E-Bhubaneswar iwebsite or call the toll-free number 1800-120- 2723 to request a free pickup of e-waste. With a toll-free number now available, BMC is encouraging citizens, small and large companies as well as government institutions to use this convenient channel to ensure that household and institutional e-waste is disposed of properly. Bulk consumers that generate larger quantities of e-waste can also call or visit the website to request for free support and advice in setting up their e-waste management processes.


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